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End to end lending solution driven by innovation.

Lending as a service

Helping lenders and merchants make better decisions

Data Driven Approach

Our solutions enable borrowers to connect their banks and provide real-time financial data to lenders, enabling them to make smarter credit decisions based on the borrower’s current financial situation.

Rather than relying solely on past financial history, our solutions prioritize the borrower’s current and future ability to pay when determining eligibility for financing.

Advanced Automation

Due to global shortages, human labor is becoming increasingly expensive and scarce.

Our solutions are designed to minimize the amount of human labor required for loan approval, issuance, and management, reducing the chances of costly mistakes.

Our optimization allows for cost-effective and efficient loan processing.

Fast, Easy & Flexible

Our web-based platform is suitable for both lending professionals and merchants who want to offer credit.

It lets you select the features necessary for your business growth and allows you to focus on daily operations while we handle efficient loan management.

Our platform helps you grow your business and streamline operations.

Step 1


Loan origination is a crucial part of the loan cycle.

The first step in offering credit is via easily customizable data collection flows that will allow you to take the right approach towards converting credit request into loans.


Step 2

Loan Management system

Our loan management system will allow you to fully automate the most important part of the loan cycle. We built our core product to simplify the loan servicing journey.

Our platform will automate things such as sending payment reminders, handling deferrals and even collecting payments. Being built by lenders; we made sure to cover the needs of your reality.

Step 3

Expansion & Growth

Not only does our platform help you acquire and manage loan applications, but we also offer you the opportunity to go beyond that.

We integrated ‘’smart flows’’ that will help you increase your bottom line profitability, help you successfully grow your loan portfolio and borrower’s retention allowing you to capture unrealized profits you may have been leaving on the table.


Avoid losing clients with our innovative assessments of a borrowers capacity to pay

Our purpose

Helping businesses grow

Our purpose is to serve lenders and merchants who want to offer financing to their clients with flexible solutions that fits their needs.
We take pride in putting a lot of effort into making complex processes as simple as possible; putting our clients in the front seat when it comes to managing loans. We believe that you should focus on your business while we focus on making lending a smooth and automated process.
Our modules will allow you to receive real time data 24/7 and 365 days a year because the more you know your client; the better you can service them. While we believe the past is important; we focus on the present and future results to stay ahead of the curve.