We are Passionate About Simplifying The Lending Industry

Our Purpose

Westgate Managing Capital (WMC) is a financial company with a motive to innovate and build modern solutions for businesses to provide credit without hassle while ensuring high levels of performance and security.

We have a strong belief that traditional underwriting is exclusive, unfair and unadapted to our current way of living.

At WMC, our core products are built to allow inclusivity in the financial ecosystem by providing innovative underwriting solutions to better perform not only on the credit side but to allow serving clients in a much more efficient way.

Our strength relies in our nimbleness to create out of the box solutions that can help sustain many verticals in the credit environment.

Our Technology

We focus on building solutions that are inclusive and assessed based on real transactional data. We believe that basing underwriting on credit scores in our day and time is exclusive and inaccurate preventing great clients of benefitting from services and hence keeping a large portion of our society with very little to no access to financial solutions.

We have partnered with the best people to build a technology stack that allows to evaluate, approve and maintain credit based on audited financial capacity and cash flows.

Our technology and vision is to promote a fair access to credit trough robust methodology that overtime will prove to outperform traditional underwriting.

Our Achievements

More than 50M funded through various lending brands.

Annual returns of 12%-18%

Asset backed principal.