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Connecting lenders with borrowers by innovating the tradional lending industry

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Paving the way for all lenders

Whether you cater to a small region or nationwide users, we help you increase your revenue simply by adding and optimizing your lending process.


  • Installment lenders.
  • Payday lenders.
  • Private lenders.
  • Secured & unsecured lenders.
  • Buy Now Pay Later.
  • Banks & credit unions.
  • Mortgage offices.
  • B2B lenders.

All in one

A Centralized Platform

One of the main pain points we hear from lenders is that they need to rely on multiple sources of suppliers.

Our platform merges everything into one intuitive portal making your onboarding process and employee training simple.

You will be able to see the history of exchanges, and service loans and communicate with clients directly through the platform.


Specialized Features

We can offer instant deployment of a full scale A to Z platform to allow them to finance their own sales while removing the burden of complicated loan origination and servicing.


We provide you with detailed and insightful information about your borrower. Nothing can tell you more about a person than how they spend their hard-earned money. We offer a range of personalized attributes that are important for your own needs. 

Our system will also automatically detect payroll and common expenses in order to provide you with an estimated debt ratio that is real-time based.

We have hired expert data scientists to learn from millions of transactions and data points acquired over time. Use our scoring algorithm to predict your borrower’s ability to repay.

Traditional credit scores are slowly becoming obsolete and will not help you identify the right borrower for your services.

Automate strenuous and boring emails by using our chain of interactive smart templates to remind clients of their repayments, defer debits and most importantly; use the right triggers to revive dormant relationships putting more money directly into your pockets.